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Strategic Foreclosure Information About Your State

This chart lists the average number of days between mortgage default and foreclosure in major United States.

California 415 days
Florida 518
Illinois 408
Indiana 419
Kentucky 407
Louisiana 456
Massachusetts 445
Maine 468
Mississippi 414
New Hampshire 362
New Mexico 409
Nevada 363
New York 561 (the highest)
Ohio 426
Pennsylvania 452
Texas 378
Virginia 388
Vermont 422
Wyoming 303 (the lowest)

The number of days in mortgage default has been growing. Here is the United States average.

Jan 2008 251 days
Jul 2008 280
Jan 2009 319
Jul 2009 351
Jan 2010 410
Apr 2010 438

If you have decided that a strategic default is your plan, you will see that you probably will be able to remain in your home for (on average) roughly a year and a half after making your last mortgage payment. Of course, this is highly variable!

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